Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientists Network

Researching the impact of shark liver oil trade on the conservation and management of sharks in Tanzania


Frank Mirobo

Marine scientist, WIOECSN Secretary-General

Hi everyone, Am Frank Mirobo! Secretary-General of the WIOECSN and the Co-Coordinator of writing the Ocean Decade Challenges (ODC) booklet for the African Continent. Am a marine scientist with an interest in Megafauna ecology and biology, fisheries, Plastic Pollution, and the conservation of marine Organisms. Am a graduate of MSc in Aquatic ecosystem management at Addis Ababa University from ACEWM, and my research focused on Examining the Impact of the shark liver oil trade in the conservation and management of Threatened Shark Species in Zanzibar-Tanzania.

Am continuing to build up my career in the benthic ecology targeting the megafauna and am really interested to work with different people to save the mother ocean, including diving. I continue standing as a voice not an echo to early-career scientists in making a difference in the WIO region. Through networking and coming together as youth, we can impact our own communities and make our future as custodians of the matter ocean brighter and better every single day.

Let us all make a difference by making use of the Science we gained to have the mother ocean we want for future sustainability. It’s time for a change, change starts with you, change makes a difference, and change brings results.

Feel free to contact me any time.

Email: frankmirobo.fm@gmail.com / frank.mirobo@aau.edu.et
WhatsApp: +255779001008