Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientists Network


The WIO-ECSN provides facilitation to regional programmes to contribute to the development skills and knowledge with future generations of interdisciplinary marine scientists to shape research in the WIO region.


Application for membership to the Network shall be open to any person of the countries of the WIO region with an interest in the coastal and marine environment in the following categories…


To bring together the early career marine scientists for development of marine sciences in the Western Indian Ocean region.

Our Leadership Team

11Riaan Cedras - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Dr. Riaan Cedras

WIO-ECSN Chairperson (South Africa)
11Soondur Mouneshwar Vashish - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Soondur Mouneshwar

WIO-ECSN Vice-Chair (Mauritius)
11Frank Mirobo - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Frank Mirobo

WIO-ECSN Secretary-General (Tanzania)
11abdulrahman mohamud dirie - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Abdulrahman Mohamud Dirie

WIO-ECSN Country coordinator (Somalia)
11Ailars David - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Ailars David

WIO-ECSN Country coordinator (Tanzania)
11aina le don nomenisoa - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Aina Le Don Nomenisoa

WIO-ECSN Country coordinator (Madagascar)
11Ceica Alfredo Chioze - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Miss Ceiça Alfredo Chioze

WIO-ECSN Country Coordinator (Mozambique)
11Deepeeka Kaullysing - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Dr. Deepeeka Kaullysing

WIO-ECSN Country Coordinator (Mauritius)
11Derrick Omollo - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Mr. Derrick Omollo

WIO-ECSN Country Coordinator (Kenya)
11Salima Hamada - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Miss Salima Hamada

WIO-ECSN Country Coordinator (Comoros)
11Alessia Dinoi - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Miss Alessia Dinoi

WIO-ECSN Co-opt board member (Italy)
11Rachel Thoms - western-indian-ccean-early-career-scientists-network-WIO-ECSN

Miss Rachel Thoms

WIO-ECSN Co-opt member (United States of America)

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