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PhD position in Advanced aquatic pollution modeling and event forecasting

Photography: Arena Recycling Industry Tanzania

An opportunity for a PhD position in the fields of aquatic pollution monitoring and modeling at the University of Siena, in Tuscany Italy, has opened. This research opportunity focuses on integrating information from multiple sources; citizen science programmes, continuous sondes, low-cost sensors and remote sensing, into novel modeling and forecasting approaches to identify pollution sources and propose targeted mitigation strategies.

As a PhD candidate, you will utilize advanced modeling and analysis techniques, employing machine learning and artificial intelligence, to identify pollution sources and provide early warning systems for step changes in water quality. Your research activities will include collaboration with colleagues from agencies and ministries around the world, as well as dissemination of findings at international conferences, and publication of scientific articles.

By undertaking this fully funded PhD position, you will gain the skills required for conducting research in international projects within interdisciplinary networks of scientists. This opportunity will equip you with the expertise to help address the challenges facing freshwater ecosystems and contribute to the sustainable management of these environments.

Applications will be accepted from 17 July to 25 August.

For more info: https://www.egu.eu/jobs/5102/phd-position-in-advanced-aquatic-pollution-modelling-and-event-forecasting/

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