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Call for Proposal – Storytelling in Science

call for proposal - storytelling in science - wio-ecsn-wiomsa

Call for Proposal – Storytelling in Science

Background: The Blue Economy Research Institute (BERI), University of Seychelles, the Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientist Network (WIO ECSN) and  the Ocean Knowledge Action Network IPO are hosting a special session at the WIOMSA Symposium 2022, to  highlight the role of  knowledge sharing to facilitate the co-design of ocean science for sustainable development in the WIO, with a focus on working with early-career ocean scientists and professionals (ECS) to help them participate in co-design. This will offer a platform for an open dialogue on how ECS can share knowledge gained through research and contribute to sustainable coastal and ocean development of the WIO.

This is a call for ECS who are willing to share their conservation story, to provide ideas, inputs and lessons learned in the cultural and scientific context of the WIO. ECS are being sought to tell their story with a focus on how they share knowledge and information from their field. These stories will be shared via videos or other storytelling formats (creative ideas are welcome), and presented at a virtual session at the WIOMSA Symposium in October 2022.

Details: The chosen applicants will pitch their story idea to a panel, who will give advice on the relevance and strength of your story, and provide input on how the story can be structured for greater impact, and elements that can be included to improve your story.
You will then work remotely with the Ocean KAN to develop your storyboard and, if you choose to tell it in video format, film your story using resources available to you. You are welcome to submit your story in the language you are most comfortable with (transcripts and translations may be requested in certain cases).
The panel will provide feedback on the stories and ask you questions to help you better summarise your story for a virtual presentation.
The applicant will subsequently participate in a special session at the WIOMSA Symposium in October, where you will virtually present your summary to ECS, students, UN Decade programme representatives and funders relevant to the WIO.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Early-career ocean scientists and professionals in the Western Indian Ocean Region
  • Applications are welcome from ECS working in any field related to coastal and ocean science
  • ECS who are willing to use existing resources available to them to film their videos (smartphones are encouraged)

Application process: Send in your expression of interest via email stating your name, country, field of expertise, a short bio, and a short description of the story theme and resource you intend to use wioecsn@gmail.com and copy sylvanna.antat@unisey.ac.sc and rbcedras@gmail.com 

Deadline for submission of interest: Friday, 17 June 2022

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