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Call for application for floating university project “École bleu outremer, Cap sur l’Océan Indien”


An interdisciplinary, inter-professional and international floating university project named “École bleu outremer, Cap sur l’Océan Indien”

A project fully in line with the main objectives of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainability Development (2021-2030)

The Ifremer, jointly with several partners based in the Indian Ocean: IRD, CNRS, University of La Réunion, TAAF (French Southern and Antarctic territories), Mayotte CUFR (Research and Training Centre in Mayotte), working closely with several universities, the Mayotte Marine Natural Park, as well as Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (R/V Marion Dufresne’s ship manager) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), will be offering a shipboard fellowship opportunity onboard the research vessel R/V Marion Dufresne during 2022 (29 June – 22 July).

The programme’s primary goal is to promote training and capacity building, as well as to train young people in the chosen area in their respective scientific and maritime branches of activity, by allowing them to use the resources and tools provided (R/V Marion Dufresne). The project is scheduled to take place in summer 2022 in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean, an incredibly resourceful area in terms of marine biodiversity (coral reefs, seamounts, etc.).

Ten (10) early-career scientists and postgraduate students (PhD or MSc) involved in oceanographic work at institutions in the Western Indian Ocean will be selected by WIOMSA to participate in the Floating University project.

This program is primarily open to postgraduate students (PhD or MSc) involved in oceanographic work, marine sciences, and maritime studies in Western Indian Ocean institutions (Comoros, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Seychelles Somali, and Tanzania). Post-doctoral Fellows in their first year are also eligible to apply. Students from Université de La Réunion and from CUFR will have their own specific call for applications.

All applications should be sent to secretary@wiomsa.org, no later than 20th January 2022. The email’s subject should read “Application for École bleu outremer, Cap sur l’Océan Indien, shipboard fellowship onboard research vessel R/V Marion Dufresne”. Female and French-speaking candidates are encouraged to apply.

French-speaking candidates are encouraged to apply.

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