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Mr. Frank Mirobo

WIO-ECSN Secretary-General (Tanzania)

Mr. Frank Mirobo is a WIO-ECSN Secretary-General (Tanzania) and a Co-founder of SOAHub in Zanzibar. He is a marine scientist who specializes in endangered marine Megafauna (Sea turtles, dolphins, and Sharks), their ecology, and conservation. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Biology majoring in marine biology from the University of Dodoma, Tanzania. Mr. Frank currently is a Masters student and a fellow of the World bank ACEII program at the African Center of Excellence for Water Management (ACEWM), Addis Ababa University specialized in Aquatic ecosystem management. He has been involved in plastic recycling projects, ethical boat drivers training and empowerment, ocean literacy to secondary schools students, early career outreach programs, and marine organisms’ conservation clubs in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Before this new position, Frank was the first communication officer of our network for 1 year. During his leadership term, Mr. Frank stands as a voice not an echo to early-career scientists. He looks forward to attracting more early careers by joining the network and working together with a different organization in making sure that the voice of early careers in the WIO region is heard. He believes that the WIO-ECSN is the Voice to early careers, let us all make a difference by making use of the Science we gained to have the mother ocean we want for future sustainability. It’s time for a change, change starts with you, change makes a difference, and change brings results.

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