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Post-doctoral researcher on global distribution of plankton traits (M/W) (H/F)

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Post-doctoral researcher on global distribution of plankton traits (M/W) (H/F)

The postdoc will be in charge of developing Species Distribution Models (SDM, also called environmental niche models) at a global scale for marine plankton. The objective is to estimate plankton’s functional traits extrapolated at a global scale through SDM. Among the main functional traits relevant to plankton (Martini et al. 2021), the first traits to be targeted will be opacity/transparency.

Main activities :
Step 1: link transparency to community composition through imaging and metabarcoding based on Tara Oceans data. This work will build upon recent developments at LOV.
Step 2: collate a larger dataset at a global scale to document key plankton traits, including transparency.
Step 3: extrapolate with SDMs at a yearly scale and possibly monthly/seasonal scale.
Step 4: describe the variations of transparency within a few taxonomic groups of interest.
Step 5: disseminate the results through scientific publications and communication during workshops and conferences, including the BlueCloud2026 meetings.
Other activities: The post-doc will collaborate with Sakina-Dorothée Ayata at the LOCEAN in Paris and Meike Vogt at ETHZ in Zurich (Switzerland). She/he will also interact with the other participants of the Blue-Cloud2026 project, especially during online and face-to-face regular meetings.

Reference : UMR7093-MADWAL-006
Expected date of employment: 1 December 2023
The proportion of work: Full time
Remuneration: Gross salary between €2833.40 and 4003.62€ per month depending on initial diplomas and experience
Desired level of education: Niveau 8 – (Doctorat)
Experience required: Indifferent
Section(s) CN: Earth System: superficial envelopes

Application Deadline: 14 August 2023

More info on how to apply: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR7093-MADWAL-006/Default.aspx?lang=EN

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