Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientists Network

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Mr. Ailars David

WIO-ECSN Country coordinator (Tanzania)

Mr. Ailars David is an Aquatic scientist from Tanzania holder of Bsc in Aquatic sciences and Aquaculture. He is a COO and a Co-founder of the Arena Recycling Industry a company that recycles marine litters into building materials and he is the founder and President of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance hub Tanzania a network that connects youth in marine science for the Blue actions. He is well experienced in the fields of Marine Ecology, Marine Conservations and in Aquaculture fields. West Indian ocean cross cuts many different countries, joining WIO-ECSN means sailing for creation of huge Blue action waves in the west Indian ocean. He advice all early career scientists to never hesitate to take actions exploring oneself potentialities and use the opportunities found to develop your career, just Deep Dive to the Bottom of the SEA.

Email: ailarsdavid3@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +255 767 847 421