Western Indian Ocean Early Career Scientists Network

Marine Litter Clean-up at Msasani Beach in Dar es Salaam


By Ailars David

Marine litter is one of the leading global crises and there is a need for immediate action  to eradicate the problem.
The Arena Recycling Industry, a startup company that recycles plastic waste into building materials, in partnership with the Women in Recycling Foundation, Sustainable Ocean Alliance Tanzania, MBRC the Ocean Foundation, and Msasani Beach Management Unit, teamed up with WIO-ECSN-Tanzania to organize a beach clean-up at Msasani beach in Dar es Salaam.
The event aimed to generate awareness among the fishers and local communities in Msasani Beach on the effects of marine litter on marine organisms and the importance of regular beach clean ups.
This event was funded by Youth for Water and Climate.  
The event brought together more than 70 people who collected 444 kg of waste, while over 1 000 people were educated directly during the event and virtually through the media.
This event was the first of  many planned beach clean-ups.